Benefits of ObjectRocket CockroachDB as a Service

Whether you’re looking to migrate your production data to CockroachDB or build it from scratch, our database engineers and administrators are here to help you get the most out of your distributed SQL database.

Simplify Application

Remove the complexity of moving or sharding your growing, transactional workload to a highly available environment. We reconfigure distributed SQL environments for scale so you can focus on developing your application.

Configuration Expertise

Be up and running in minutes with a simple cluster. CockroachDB can be a challenge to configure for more complex use cases – our team of DB experts can help you implement the right distribution strategy to meet your needs.

CockroachDB Features

Developed to automatically replicate, rebalance, and recover with minimal operator intervention, CockroachDB is built for applications at any size where reliability, availability, and accuracy are essential.

Distributed SQL

Get the query-power of SQL, the transactional guarantee from strongly-consistent ACID transactions, and the ability to massively scale without ever manually sharding.

Cloud Neutral

Achieve the ultimate in IT flexibility. Run CockroachDB on prem, across any public or private cloud, or across multiple clouds to optimize uptime and disaster resilience..

Minimize Complexity

CockroachDB will organize and repair itself, automatically rebalance data between nodes in a cluster, and migrate data seamlessly between clouds. Just add resources to scale horizontally–no fulls, no muss, no downtime.

Disaster Resilient

our application keeps working through server and system failures. CockroachDB efficiently redistributes and replicates data across nodes in real-time guaranteeing transaction availability and data recovery.

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Additional CockroachDB Features

Stay compliant with regional data regulations while delivering an outstanding user experience globally. CockroachDB spans geo-distributed data centers for a lighting-fast experience without compromising on data integrity or performance.

CockroachDB pairs well with popular open-source orchestration systems, empowering the automation of deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Serializable Transactions
CockroachDB exclusively uses the strongest of the four transaction isolation levels to guarantee transactions running in parallel appear as though they were executed individually without concurrency.

PostgreSQL Compatibility
The API is wire-compatible with PostgreSQL, so if you can connect to PostgreSQL, you can build your CockroachDB instance through your PostgreSQL language-specific driver.

database robots

The best support, hands-down

ObjectRocket provides a proactive, customized, high-touch, human-centered approach to support. Our engineers and DBAs are online 24/7 to answer questions. Our team of engineers is online 24/7 to answer questions and we’re constantly monitoring your databases with the help of our robot friends so you can sleep better at night.

CockroachDB Resources

Learn more about ObjectRocket through our white papers, eBooks, blogs, case studies, and more.

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