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We're making it simple to do the right thing by enabling safety and recover-ability to be a standard feature for your app. Host your application anywhere you want-in fact, host MongoDB anywhere you want! With free backups by ObjectRocket, you've got built-in safety.

How it works

  • Sign up for an ObjectRocket account (no credit card required), click on the Remote Instances button, and follow the prompts.
  • We'll detect the topology of your cluster and perform the backup from the ObjectRocket by Rackspace data center closest to your database.
  • If you need to restore, contact us at and we'll reply in minutes to upload your dump file wherever you want it.

Behind a firewall? That's no problem. The control panel lists the ObjectRocket IPs you will need to provide access to. You can specify a single host:port or a replica set connect string separated by commas. If you created your replica set or sharded clusters using private names or IP addresses, that's OK. Simply provide a public name or IP address and we'll detect the rest of the cluster topology.

Why we're giving you free backups


We work hard every day to grow our reputation as MongoDB experts. We fully understand the challenges in scaling MongoDB and want to be your "knight in shining armor" should your application be featured on Shark Tank or in The Wall Street Journal. We want to be your back up plan if your current resources fall short. At the very least, we want you to sleep better at night knowing that you have an easy and quick failover.

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