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Our managed service was designed to scale easily and seamlessly with your data set through a distributed architecture. Expertly index your data sets from MongoDB, and only pay for what you need.


Get a powerful, open-source, scalable, full-text search engine based on Apache Lucene™ on an architecture purpose-built to optimize the performance of Elasticsearch. You get the best of Elasticsearch supported by a team of experts providing you Fanatical Support® 24x7x365.

Data Insight

Use the included Kibana 4 to visualize and better understand the shape of your data. Quickly and easily create maps, pie charts, plots based on saved queries that allow you to slice and dice the data just the way you want it.


Quickly and easily make custom dashboards for your KPI using Kibana 4 and secure them with password protected user authentication.


In addition to having per-operation persistence, every plan is highly-available by default. Your data is important and we feel it's important to make sure that your operation is accessible and functioning 24 hours a day.


Our team is ready to deliver Fanatical Support 24x7x365 to users trying to harness the Elasticsearch service. This goes beyond simple provisioning and troubleshooting. You gain a trusted expert partner to help you deliver database excellence every day.

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