ObjectRocket provided a speedy, scalable Elasticsearch instance and best hands-on support.

Their Challenge

As Tagboard’s application has grown over the years, they’ve found that more and more often, Elasticsearch provides the solution to their performance and scaling challenges.

Jordan Larrigan, Tagboard's CTO, explains...

We wouldn’t be able to do most of what we do today without the help of ObjectRocket.

Why Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch provides the speed that Tagboard was looking for.

Larrigan says...

Our main driver for adding Elasticsearch to our application was the need to deliver faster results on our Tagboard Live product. The complexity of our data structure slowed queries and we needed a quicker database.

We made the switch when ObjectRocket had just started offering Elasticsearch, which ended up working out well for us. Since going into production, ObjectRocket has helped Tagboard scale the environment, and within the last 6-8 months everything has been solid. We’ve been building more features and expanding the use cases for Elasticsearch to include things like system logs.

Why ObjectRocket?

Larrigan explains...

The experience [with ObjectRocket] is always smooth. When creating new instances or when onboarding more data, [ObjectRocket staff] get everything set up and ready to go really quickly. The support is amazing: when things go wrong, which is usually early in the morning, they are still extremely responsive. [ObjectRocket] tells us what to expect and has good maintenance updates and expectations of when things will be working again.

If I had another start up, I would absolutely use ObjectRocket. They do all the work for us and will do all the work for you. It’s hard to give away huge parts of infrastructure to let someone else manage, but we’ve done it for 5 years now, which is just a testament to the hard work and knowledge at ObjectRocket.

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