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Highly Customizable DBaaS on AWS and GCP

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Blog Image: Highly Customizable DBaaS on AWS and GCP

Moving to cloud solutions whether it’s for basic storage and compute resources or managed solutions like ObjectRocket Databases are becoming increasingly more common as businesses look to cut costs and simplify their operations. ObjectRocket was created to be a simple one-stop solution for people wanting to run databases. Customers get all the features and performance of their favorite database without having to worry about maintaining it. ObjectRocket offers those cost-effective and simple solutions where anyone can sign up and spin up databases within minutes which people love to this day.

Private DBaaS

As with any other cloud service, there’s no one size fits all design that works with every businesses’ unique challenges. This is why we’ve launched Private DBaaS, the same great databases we offer on our regular platform except in a dedicated environment just for you.

While our shared platform ensures that all our different customers are on separate and secure containers where the data is only accessible by the respective customers, it still shares resources with one another. With Private DBaaS, each customer gets their own dedicated resources.

Image of Private DBaaS Configuration

Private DBaaS Configuration

VPC Peering

We have VPC peering support. What is this? Cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP offer Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) where you can spin up resources in a private virtual network, away from prying eyes. This is a secure environment in which only resources within the network can talk to each other. Let’s say you had a VPC in which you ran all your applications and you didn’t want to leave the safety of the VPC to talk to your database. The only choice you would have would be to run the database within your VPC, meaning you would have to maintain that. However, with VPC peering you can connect two VPCs together to act as one unified virtual private cloud. This way you can have your applications talk to ObjectRocket’s databases with the safety benefits of VPCs.

Customized Resources

On ObjectRocket’s shared platform we needed resources that would cater to the majority of our customers’ needs. But like I mentioned before, not every business has the same challenges or needs. We offer customized resources to suit the needs of your databases such as different CPU and RAM ratios.

Any Region

We can offer Private DBaaS in almost every AWS or GCP region as long as there are 3 or more availability zones. Our shared platform is currently available in a few select regions but with Private DBaaS, we can go to virtually anywhere your business requires.

Mix and Match

Let’s say you want to go into a region we currently do not support on our shared cluster, no problem, a Private DBaaS can be spun up in that region in no time. But let’s also say that you want a couple datastores that we support on our shared clusters, perfect we can do that as well! Mixing and matching private and shared clusters prevent you from having to spend a fortune on Private DbaaS in each and every region you want to go into.

More to Come

There’s more exciting things to come with Private DBaaS in the future including Azure support, multiple VPC peering connections per cluster, and more! At ObjectRocket we’re always coming up with new and better ways to run datastores. If you have any ideas feel free to reach out to us!


Learn more about our Private DBaaS offering here and if you are ready to get started please click to fill out a custom pricing quote. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to managing your data and finding the best solution for your use case.

James Hong

James Hong

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