Pachyderm on the Loose! PostgreSQL on ObjectRocket reaches General Availability

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PostgreSQL on ObjectRocket Has Reached General Availability

We first made our PostgreSQL service available last July and now I’m pleased to announce that we’re promoting the product to General Availability. We’ve been trying to provide updates along the way and just like our other recent GA products (CockroachDB and Elasticsearch), we wanted to make sure we got it just right. We’re excited to have reached this milestone, and are excited for you to check it out.

How Do You Eat an Elephant… 

PostgreSQL is well established and used in so many different environments that the number of capabilities we needed to cover on a hosted service is daunting. We’ve been working at it for the past few months and here’s how the new service stacks up:

Versions Supported
11 and 12
Cloud Availability
High Availability
Optional with 1-2 replicas
2 week retention with Point-in-Time-Recovery included
Standard list available (activate with CREATE EXTENSION)
Monitoring / Metrics
Grafana dashboards included
24x7 support, with free migrations, tuning, query analysis, and more

Available Now For Your Production Workloads

Creating a PostgreSQL instance is as simple as logging into Mission Control, configuring an instance, and building. Also, we provide a $200 intro credit for new accounts, which will cover various sizes and types of PostgreSQL, so you can try out the service risk free.

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Finally, we’re always open to feedback, so if there’s a region, feature, or size that you don’t see in the UI, please contact ObjectRocket sales. We’re constantly updating the product and what you need may be right around the corner.

Steve Croce

Steve Croce

Steve Croce is currently a Senior Product Manager and Head of User Experience at ObjectRocket. Today, Steve leads the UX/UI team through rebuilding out the platform’s user interface, scopes the company’s product and feature roadmap, and oversees the day to day development for ObjectRocket's Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL offerings. A product manager by day, he still likes to embrace his engineer roots by night and develop with Elasticsearch, SQL, Kubernetes, and web application stacks. He's spoken at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, OpenStack summit, Percona Live, and various ObjectRocket events.