How to improve customer insights using Sitecore xDB

Using MongoDB alongside Sitecore xDB allows for the real-time, centralized administration of customer interactions — the turn in your analytics that will put your company on the cutting edge of outreach while closely securing your data streams.

The Clear Advantages of MongoDB

MongoDB’s flexibility enables organizations to store every customer interaction from all channels plus customer information in a single view rather than pulling data from multiple sources. MongoDB is designed to easily handle different types of documents with different schemas all in a single MongoDB instance.

A Sitecore xDB/MongoDB deployment can provide speed, scale, and significant cost savings over other customer insights solutions. MongoDB offers a wide variety of choices for implementation, including options for your storage engine, cloud options, region options, encryption, and your choice of standard replica set or sharded architecture. Running MongoDB at scale can be challenging. In order to take full advantage of its flexible features, you may need to reconfigure your database to properly store and access the enormous amounts of data it will process on a daily basis. Everything from profile information to interaction history, social interactions and automation data is at your disposal — with a properly configured implementation.

MongoDB and Your Solutions Integrator

With the help of a Solutions Integrator to aid in your initial Sitecore xDB setup, your in-house staff will effectively begin with a clear route to optimization and a superior front end performance. Once your SI hands over the keys to the backend, however, there is still day-to-day maintenance and specific optimization to consider. The partnership between your company and your SI may not be enough. You may need an effective and experienced MongoDB partner to effectively scale out your data, customer outreach, and analytics.

ObjectRocket is a highly effective managed service provider for MongoDB users, allowing companies to focus on the customer facing interactions in Sitecore, not dealing with backend problems and the inevitable hiccups that occur within complex database management. The core of every business is a process that leads to an amazing customer experience.

Optimizing and Securing MongoDB

In order to get the most out of MongoDB, you need optimization at every step of the process. The initial design choices that you make will lead to more effective options as you choose best practices for scaling and optimizing the performance of individual modules. For example, the simple choice of standard replica sets versus sharded configurations and the selection of an appropriate shard key can be pivotal decisions as your database scales.

Within every functional design choice, there is also a security consideration. You will need to define your performance choices according to your capacity for redundancy, replication, automatic backups, and multiplexing across physically isolated systems in order to avoid downtime and data loss. Of course, outsourcing to the proper management team and hosting solution greatly increases your capacity here without the need for large scale hardware investments.

Cost Savings

Regardless of the physical location of your MongoDB implementation (on-premises, cloud, or hybrid), outsourcing the labor cost alone can save you over 54% over hiring additional resources to be retained within your organization.

Your Next Move

With ObjectRocket as your managed MongoDB solutions provider, your life instantly gets easier. We optimize MongoDB as a service providing lightning fast performance for our customers. We provide world-class DBA assistance for our customers 24x7x365. If you’re looking to implement MongoDB with Sitecore xDB, we are the day-to-day partner you can count on.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for help with MongoDB!

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