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Data Connectors for MongoDB and Elasticsearch

By Keith Higbee

Posted on: February 15, 2016

Part of our mission statement here at ObjectRocket is that we enable customers to experience levels of data management ease and understanding never before seen. To that goal we are very excited to announce the early access release of our Data Connector for ObjectRocket MongoDB to ObjectRocket Elasticsearch.

So what is it?

The Data Connector is an easy to use, no fuss, continuous near real-time data synchronisation between disparate data sources and data outputs. Set it and forget it! Seriously, it’s just that easy.

The first Data Connector provides an easy to setup integration from your ObjectRocket MongoDB instance to your ObjectRocket Elasticsearch instance. This simple process allows you to quickly gain insight into your MongoDB data, see trends emerging as they happen and more.

Our schema analysis tool helps you to quickly see the shape of your MongoDB data, choose the fields to send to Elasticsearch, and press the confirm button.

Schema analysis and mapping

All of this without having to hit an single api, download a new tool or script, and without any hastle. Focus on your app, not managing data infrastructure or scripts.

What’s next?

We have a healthy backlog of addtional features for empowering today’s application and product developers.

  • More schema analysis options
  • Filtering
  • Field transformations
  • Scheduled data movements
  • Statistics metrics

What about a Data Connector for….?

The list of possibilities here is nearly endless, so your feedback and requests will help to set the priority of each. We want to make it easy to build out a full data plane or data pipeline with our products, and we also want to make it as easy as possible to injest your data too. All with as little effort and ETL expertise as possible.


Data Connectors are being initially released for free as part of an existing ObjectRocket MongoDB or ObjectRocket Elasticsearch.

Supported by our customer data engineers

Data Connectors come with expert support available 24/7/365, just like all of our products. Rest easy knowing that we’re a service ticket or phone call away.

Need to migrate from Parse? We got you covered!

Parse Snatcher

Our combination of MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Kibana and an easy to use data synchronisation tool make ObjectRocket the perfect new home for your application’s Parse data needs. Check out our guide to help migrating your Parse data to ObjectRocket MongoDB. Do forget that the full support of our amazing customer data engineering team’s help and expertise is included with every instance and is available 24/7/365.

tl;dr – Where is the getting started guide?

Ha! We get it. You can find the Data Connectors getting started guide over here in the next blog.

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