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Employee Highlight - Meet Vanessa Taylor

In our Employee Highlight series, we will introduce you to various ObjectRocket Team Members and this week we have Vanessa Taylor who is our Office Manager, she is responsible for managing facilities and office operations and without her we would be lost.


Q: Nickname?

A: V

Q: Hometown?

A: Austin, TX

Q: What do you do at ObjectRocket?

A: Office Manager

Q: What's the one thing, you can't live without?

A: Coffee

Q: What was your favorite book, toy, or outfit as a child?

A: A Rainbow Bright costume my grandmother made me, it was LEGIT!

Q: What is something most people don't know about you?

A: I'm bilingual; Spanish.

Q: What would you buy if you won the lottery?

A: Professional sports team.

Q: What is the first concert you attended?

A: Nsync (debut album) at the Alamodome.

Q: What did you want to be when growing up?

A: FBI Agent.

Q: What celebrity do people think you look like?

A: I've been told I look like Lea Michelle (Glee).

Q: What book did you read last?

A: Le Petit Prince.

Q: If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

A: The title already exists. "Exes and Ohs: A Modern Girl's (Mostly Awkward) Tales of Love, Lust, Revenge and a Little Facebook Stalking".

Q: Do you have a favorite quote?

A: "It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself."

Q: Where would you like to go on a dream vacation?

A: Pig Beach, Big Major Cay in the Bahamas to swim with the pigs.

Q: What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

A: I have a restaurant bucket list I'm constantly adding and crossing off restaurants from.

Q: Are you messy or organized?

A: I am annoyingly organized.

Q: Any random facts you could share with us?

A: I was a contestant on Nickelodeon Slime Time Live and won!

Q: What is your hidden talent?

A: I'm formally trained in Folklorico and Salsa dancing.

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