Fully Featured Replica Sets

So you have a MongoDB data set, and you need a place to host it! As you’ve discovered, we have an impressive list of features, but up until this point, many of them have only been available for sharded instances. Some of the key features include 3 data nodes per shard, SSL connection options, WiredTiger storage engine, encryption for data at rest, and vertical scaling of resources. But if sharding doesn’t fit your workload, your data schema, or your data volume, then it can be awkward or impractical to force yourself to use a sharded instance, when a simple replica set is what you really need.

Well, guess what?

We are giving you all those features in our replica set plans! Our replica set plans will now include 3 data nodes to increase the redundancy and availability of your data. We are offering SSL connections and optional encryption at rest to your replica set for increased security. For replica set plans 20GB and up, you can select WiredTiger as a storage engine. What about when your data set gets larger and you need more space or other resources? No problem, you can scale your replica set as large as you need.

Having a third copy of your data allows you to do worry-free compactions. Should a node go down during compaction, you still have another copy of your data from which to sync. Depending on the size of your data set, a compaction can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, and no one wants to be flying without a parachute that long.

Enhancing the security of your data using SSL connection strings and encryption at rest makes it far easier to meet requirements for compliance. The built-in SSL features in MongoDB 2.6 and newer versions mean no layers of complexity between you and your data. Our method for encrypting our lightning-fast PCI flash storage provides additional peace of mind without a noticeable trade-off in performance.

WiredTiger allows you to get up to 7x-10x block, index, and journal compression. If you don’t have write-heavy workloads, you can see great compression with littl e overhead. Document-level locking helps increase your concurrency, and the built-in memory caching will also boost the performance for some workloads even further.

And the best part is

There are no additional base fees for Replica Set customers to access these features. That means that everyone will benefit from an improved product, including the 3rd data node, SSL, vertical scaling, and more. WiredTiger and encryption at rest have small additional fees, mirroring exactly how our sharded plans work. In general, with ObjectRocket you get more features, faster performance, and greater expertise for a lower price than the competition. Boom!

Already have a replica set plan?

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. We will retrofit your replica sets with a third data node and SSL (so long as you are running 2.6.11 or 3.x) in the coming weeks in-place, automatically. This will be far less intrusive than migrating to a brand new replica set instance.

So what else?

Look for even more features coming to our replica set plans coming down the road! We will also be giving you more information on how to choose if a single replica set or a sharded instance is the right fit for your use case and data profile. Our industry-leading expertise is at your disposal, and we want to make sure you have it from get-go. You can read more about our replica set and sharded offerings in Kyle Hunter’s blog post. Or reach out to us directly anytime.

If you’ve been wanting to get on ObjectRocket, but needed something full of features without needing a sharded instance, we’ve got what you’ve been asking for. Come on aboard and let us get your data moving at warp speed!

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