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Announcing ObjectRocket for Redis

By enorman@objectrocket.com

Posted on: August 15, 2014

Today, we’re excited to announce a new addition to the ObjectRocket platform – ObjectRocket for Redis. Redis is built for high performance, has versatile data structures and great documentation allowing developers to easily integrate Redis into highly scalable application stacks. We use it internally and so do many of our customers who have been pushing us hard to release a Redis Database as a Service offering.

We built the service with many of the core features that customers have come to expect from ObjectRocket for MongoDB:

  • All instances are highly available with automatic failover of the Redis master to a replica in the event of a master node failure.
  • We built ObjectRocket for Redis on our own high performance infrastructure using containers to eliminate the noisy neighbor problems of traditional hardware virtualization and make Redis run as fast as possible. Also, we control the entire stack so we have more room for innovation and this also gives us far greater control if there is a problem.
  • ACLs – we embrace a secure-by-default approach at ObjectRocket and require network Access Control List (ACL) entries for every instance.
  • Free backups – we take snapshots of your data to insure you against data loss.

Customers can also focus on their business while feeling secure in the knowledge that ObjectRocket for Redis is backed by Redis Specialists 24/7/365. This is not just marketing speak – Rackspace, our parent company, also owns RedisToGo and we have vast experience managing and supporting over 42,000 running Redis instances.

Redis is currently available in our Virginia region, and will become available in more regions throughout August. ObjectRocket for Redis servers have high bandwidth and directly peer with networks like AWS so we’re only a few milliseconds away from your app servers, no matter where they run.

Over the coming months we will continue to release new features and functionality of the product. As always, please don’t be shy about giving us feedback.

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