4 Signs that DBaaS is Right for Your Company

Are you trying to manage your databases in addition to generating the content that goes into it? Although there is something to be said for hands-on management, running databases in production can be hard and it can start robbing your business of time, focus, and money before you know it. Knowing when to outsource is key — especially when you have a small team and a limited budget.

Here are four signs that DBaaS (database as a service) is right for your business.

You’re spending a lot of time managing your database instead of focusing on your core business.

Your job is to collect and generate data to make better customer experiences, not to optimize database clusters. Choosing a DBaaS can open up more of your time to focus on your customers’ wants and needs.

You want to save money.

DBaaS is taking off for many reasons. One primary reason: It is generally less expensive than your other options. It will only become more so as more businesses flock to fully managed databases. NoSQL is specifically designed to require less maintenance. Data is distributed more evenly and repairs are conducted automatically. DBaaS companies employ experts who know all the ins and outs of maintenance and keep up with the latest trends. What does this mean for you? You’ll be spending less money on hiring and training your own IT staff. You’ll also spend less money on service fees and you won’t be losing as much money on downtime.

You suddenly have needs beyond your capabilities.

Your marketing campaign finally hit and your database is growing faster than you can organize it. NoSQL scales elastically (placing your data on many connected nodes for better performance), keeping your company from producing the service hiccups that may kill your newfound momentum. This concept is especially important to consider if you are moving from a hardware environment. As more companies move into the cloud, scaling through hardware will only become more esoteric and expensive.

You’re experiencing a lot of downtime.

NoSQL is known for its uptime. Through its highly elastic document databases and Key Value stores, NoSQL databases enjoy much more relaxed data models than its competition. You can store many disparate types of database elements using NoSQL, a structure that will definitely reduce your downtime. The masterless architecture of NoSQL also ensures that even if one node goes completely down, another will have the information necessary to keep the data stream moving at top speed.

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