The Cockroach We Love Grows – Beta Announcement

By August 13, 2019 September 3rd, 2019 No Comments

In early May, we introduced CockroachDB as part of the ObjectRocket family of database technologies. Over the last few months, we have been hard at work enhancing the capabilities and continuing our journey towards making our offering of this highly distributable, cloud-native SQL database production ready.

Today, we are excited to announce the Beta release of our fully managed CockroachDB solution on ObjectRocket and want to share our progress. Below are some of the major advances now available in our Beta release.

  • Enterprise License: Any CockroachDB instance that you create via our ObjectRocket platform is now based upon the full CockroachDB enterprise license. This allows us to offer additional capabilities for more complex implementations and take advantage of the flexibility that CockroachDB has to offer. As we continue to develop multi-region capabilities, customers will soon be able to take full advantage of the distributed functionality that the enterprise license offers.
  • Secure Clusters: All CockroachDB instances that we offer take advantage of the CockroachDB security capabilities. In our current implementation, we give customers the ability to create databases and users via our Mission Control UI or api.  Users are then provided with authentication credentials to safely access the instance. We handle all of the certificates and encryption behind the scenes.
  • Backups: All CockroachDB instances are backed up on a daily basis with a 2-week retention. We are writing these backups to a secure Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket that is part of the ObjectRocket environment.  The backup capabilities of CockroachDB are highly configurable in terms of recurrence, timing, retention, target location, etc. If customers have specific needs, we can accommodate them.
  • Monitoring: All of our CockroachDB instances are monitored by our team of database experts. If there are any issues or opportunities with your instance, we are likely taking care of them behind the scenes. If there are any issues or opportunities that require your attention, we will reach out to you directly. As a reminder, CockroachDB provides an Admin UI accessible from within Mission Control. In the Admin UI, users can see many of the same metrics that we are monitoring.
  • Different Node Types: Customers can configure their CockroachDB instances based on two different node definitions, depending on the customer’s specific needs. As a reminder, each CockroachDB instance starts with 3 nodes by default. 
    • Development Nodes: These nodes are intended for development, new projects, or learning about CockroachDB. Each of these nodes has 5G storage, 2G RAM, and 5 iops/G storage.
    • Standard Nodes: These are intended for multi-use CockroachDB production deployments with balanced performance and cost.  Each of these nodes has 20G storage, 4G RAM, and 10 iops/G storage.

Looking ahead, we will continue to add capabilities and features in our march towards general availability (GA), including easy scaling and multi-region implementations for more complex workloads, allowing customers to take full advantage of some of CockroachDB’s most powerful features. 

While in Beta, we recommend using CockroachDB in development environments only. Please note that prior to the GA release, our Test Terms of Service will apply. 

Our database experts here at ObjectRocket are always available to help you with the Beta installation and implementation at no charge. Email us at to get started!