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Today is the day. A little less than 5 months ago, we started our journey to bring CockroachDB into the ObjectRocket portfolio and now we are ready to promote our offering to General Availability status. This means that fully-managed CockroachDB on our Kubernetes-based platform is ready for production workloads and customers can expect the full ObjectRocket support experience. Read on to learn more about our fully managed CockroachDB offering.

The power of CockroachDB is truly something to behold and we at ObjectRocket feel that it is where the market is going from a SQL database technology perspective. The distributable nature along with its scaling, balancing, and self-healing capabilities make it such a powerful tool for users who are building or moving towards a truly modern application in the cloud.

Historically, a managed service for CockroachDB might have been out of reach for many users that buy into the value of DBaaS – having somebody else focus on managing their data layer so that they can focus on their core functionality and customer experience. With ObjectRocket’s Managed CockroachDB, customers can now start leveraging the power of CockroachDB for as little as $21/G of storage that is backed by a full SLA with a team of experts available 24x7x365, with the features that customers would expect from an enterprise level offering.

CockroachDB Features Available Today

Over the last few months since we took ObjectRocket Managed CockroachDB to Beta, we have been hard at work improving the stability of the offering and adding functionality. Here is an overview of some of the main features that are available today:

  • Node Types: There are 2 different node types (Basic and Standard) with 3 different storage sizes for each type. Each of the node types has different resource allocations to match the intended use cases. This gives customers options to choose from when building their CockroachDB cluster.
  • Security: IP Whitelists and TLS are enabled on all instances. Customers have a choice in how they have their users authenticate. They can download a cluster-specific CA and even have individual user certificates if that is needed.
  • Backups: Each cluster is backed up daily with a 14 day retention. Customers can request a restore from backup by opening a support ticket.
  • Scaling: Nodes can easily be added or removed on a cluster as the customer workload needs change over time. All of this happens with no downtime.
  • Monitoring: The ObjectRocket support team has access to and is actively monitoring over 250 metrics on every CockroachDB cluster. Most issues are handled proactively without the customer needing to get involved. Any issues that arise that need customer attention are handled via support ticket.
  • Dashboard Integration: Customers can now provision, manage, and get insights on their CockroachDB cluster via our new UI (Mission Control) with such tools as Grafana metrics and Role-Base Access Control.
  • Proactive Database Administration: The ObjectRocket support team is continuously evaluating CockroachDB clusters for improvement opportunities. This ranges from query and resource utilization analysis to configuration tweaks. If we notice something, we will reach out to customers via support ticket. This team is also available for any architectural or design consultations around a customer’s CockroachDB usage.

Beyond General Availability

As we move forward into Q4 of this year, we are going to be heavily focused on the multi-region capability of CockroachDB. Customers will be able to build a fully-distributed CockroachDB cluster across multiple regions and get the full benefit of CockroachDB’s capabilities along with ObjectRocket’s database expertise. In the meantime, customers should feel comfortable in leveraging this offering in any production environment. If a customer’s needs don’t match the current plan definitions or they have questions about the offering, they should reach out to one of our database specialists. 

For more info about CockroachDB, read our Top 5 Use Cases blog, and take a look at our technical documentation and knowledge base articles. If you are interested in having a conversation about ObjectRocket’s Managed CockroachDB solution, contact us here at ObjectRocket.

Tana Berry

Tana Berry

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