ObjectRocket for PostgreSQL reaches Beta

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As of today, the PostgreSQL service on ObjectRocket has reached Beta status. We take the path to GA (General Availability) very seriously and make sure we give each product plenty of time in Alpha and Beta phases to add features, wring out bugs, and improve stability. This is a step on that path and gets us a whole lot closer to being able to confidently manage production instances.

What’s New

Since we first started offering Postgres on ObjectRocket, we’ve added a number of key features:

  • TLS: TLS is now enabled on all instances (you can also download a CA for verification)
  • Backups: Daily backups as well as the ability to restore to a new instance are now included in the service
  • Dashboard Integration: Space Usage stats, Grafana metrics, CA download, user management and more in Mission Control, our new UI.

In addition to the features above, we’ve focused a lot of effort on stabilizing the product, improving our ability to support it, and preparing for production workloads. By the time we reach Beta status, we’ve met our feature and stability goals, but we like to give customers and our support teams extra time to load test and wring out any final requests. Now is a great time to try out the product as you prepare for production.

What’s Next

Our next milestone is to claim General Availability on Postgres, which will come from more hours of test, tuning, and supportability work. There will also be some key new features that we’ll be adding along the way:

  • High Availability: By far the biggest addition coming is the ability to provide HA clusters. We’ll be offering an active/passive solution with automatic failover.
  • Point-in-time Recovery: Hand-in-hand with providing HA, we’ll be archiving WAL files along with base backups. This will enable us to offer Point-in-time recovery in the future. 
  • Extension Support: We’ll also be providing a standard selection of standard extensions that you can enable on an instance by instance basis.

Try it Out, For Free

This is a great time to log into our brand new platform and check out what’s new PostgreSQL free for a limited time. You’ll get up to 40GB of PostgreSQL and access to our stats dashboards.

Steve Croce

Steve Croce

Steve Croce is currently a Senior Product Manager and Head of User Experience at ObjectRocket. Today, Steve leads the UX/UI team through rebuilding out the platform’s user interface, scopes the company’s product and feature roadmap, and oversees the day to day development for ObjectRocket's Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL offerings. A product manager by day, he still likes to embrace his engineer roots by night and develop with Elasticsearch, SQL, Kubernetes, and web application stacks. He's spoken at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, OpenStack summit, Percona Live, and various ObjectRocket events.