Our new database platform is lifting off!

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Today is a big day for ObjectRocket. Our new, Kubernetes-based, cloud-native platform is entering open Beta! We’ve been working hard to bring you a new ObjectRocket experience and now is your first chance to try it out.

A flexible new .cloud

Today, we’re opening up our new app for Beta customers at This launch is a long time coming and driven by the adage of “Put the database close to your app.”

When we took a step back and looked at our entire stack and how we could provide the same level service on other providers’ clouds, we quickly concluded that this was a great opportunity to embrace new technologies, like Kubernetes on the hosting platform side, as well as an opportunity to implement some important new features on the API/UI side. That’s when we decided to rebuild the whole thing from scratch.

ObjectRocket on AWS

The first big new feature drops our platform on top of AWS. Although we have a number of technologies in place on the ObjectRocket service today to keep latency low and bandwidth high (with local-like performance no matter where you are), our new platform will ultimately operate in any public cloud and get us even closer to your app. We’re starting with Elasticsearch on AWS, but we’ll be in more clouds soon.

New platform features

In addition to portability to other clouds, there’s a whole lot of goodness that will come along with this new platform very soon:

  • Fully managed metrics service
    Each customer will have a Grafana-based dashboard to view metrics for all of their instances
  • Role-based access control
    Customers can create an organization in Mission Control (our new UI) and add multiple types of users to that organization. Each user can have a different role and level of permissions with respect to managing your instances on ObjectRocket.
  • Rapid scalability
    This platform allows us to expand to multiple clouds in multiple regions quickly and efficiently.
  • New datastores
    We’ve been hosting Elasticsearch, Redis, and MongoDB for quite a while now. This new platform enables us to quickly launch new datastores. Stay tuned, these may come sooner than you think! 😉
  • New datastore features
    There are a number of new capabilities in development now for the datastores we support today, like Elasticsearch.
  • New, responsive UI
    Our new user interface, called Mission Control, offers an all new responsive design that works well on all devices. Expect more functionality, cleaner design, support integration, and more ObjectRocket.

How about that Beta?

We’re opening up our Beta as an API-only trial. Try it out and provide feedback as soon as possible!

To make it easy, we’re putting all new content on the domain. You can find our new API docs (with a walkthrough) at and the API can be reached at

To get started on your Beta, go to and sign up. Once you’re there, you can create an account and an access token to deploy and manage instances via our API.

Here’s what you can do during Beta
While we’re in API-only Beta, you’ll be able to:

  • Create an account on the new service at
  • Generate an API Token in the UI
  • Talk to our API using the provided Insomnia Template or the REST client of your choice
  • Create and manage Elasticsearch instances

All instance management is accomplished via the API today but this functionality will be added to the UI very soon. Expect to see instance lists, instance create, ACL/user management, and more features integrated into Mission Control every week during this Beta.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do during Beta
We strongly advise against putting production workloads on the platform while in Beta. This is a great place for dev or staging clusters. It’s also a great sandbox for people who want to experiment and try out the service.

Our original platform is not changing

Our current ObjectRocket service is alive, well, and taking new customers. There are no changes to our original service and you can still find the MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis DBaaS hosting and support you know and love at

Though the Beta does not operate with traditional support and uptime SLAs, our support team will be in full force when we announce general availability of our new offerings.

Stay tuned

This is just the first of many announcements to come on our new platform, so try out the Beta and keep your browser pointed at Mission Control and this blog. There will be regular updates on the status of our new platform and you can expect regular releases of new features and capabilities.

Steve Croce

Steve Croce

Steve Croce is currently a Senior Product Manager and Head of User Experience at ObjectRocket. Today, Steve leads the UX/UI team through rebuilding out the platform’s user interface, scopes the company’s product and feature roadmap, and oversees the day to day development for ObjectRocket's Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL offerings. A product manager by day, he still likes to embrace his engineer roots by night and develop with Elasticsearch, SQL, Kubernetes, and web application stacks. He's spoken at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, OpenStack summit, Percona Live, and various ObjectRocket events.