Billing FAQ

What free trials are available?

You can get a single 30 day trial instance of each type listed below. Your subscription starts 30 days later, or when you spin up above the trial amount. Trial eligible plans:

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What is "tiered pricing"?

Tiered pricing is a way to save money as your data grows on the platform. It's a graduated tier structure that means your price per GB goes down the bigger your footprint is. Check out our pricing calculator, which shows the costs for each tier.

What are the different MongoDB offerings and what is their price?

MongoDB offerings are MMap (the default storage engine), MongoDB Wired Tiger, and MongoDB Replica Sets.

Each type of MongoDB will have its own tiered pricing structure. It will have its own plan and its own anniversary date.

If I have different MongoDB products, will I get cumulative tiered pricing?

Each MongoDB type is treated as a separate product, and therefore has its own pricing and are calculated in separate tiers. Each storage engine will have its own subscription and potentially a different anniversary date for processing the subscription invoice. For this reason the data for each of the different products falls into its own pricing tier structure.

Why do I have multiple ObjectRocket charges on different dates during the month? When will I be billed?

Each database technology has its own subscription with its own anniversary date. The anniversary date is the date that you created an instance or the instance came out of its trial. For example, if you have a MongoDB instance created on the 5th and a Redis instance created on the 12th, you will have two different subscriptions that are billed on those dates for each product. This isn't per instance, but rather technology, so your MongoDB instances are billed on that first anniversary date, and then your Redis instances on the other.

I was billed upfront, so what happens if I increase or reduce my footprint before my next bill?

ObjectRocket is a subscription based service that bills in advance. The subscription rate is based on the footprint that exists at the time of the transaction. Because ObjectRocket subscriptions are billed a month in advance, any increases or decreases in your footprint are added as prorated adjustments on the next bill.

For example: if you are charged for 10GB on the first of the month, but reduce your footprint to 5GB, you will receive a prorated credit. If instead you raise your footprint to 15GB, you will receive a prorated charge for the increase on your next anniversary date.

What happens if I delete my instance and start a new one, will I be billed in advance for that instance again?

If you delete an instance and then create a new one within the same billing period, it will be added to the same subscription with the appropriate prorated charges. If the addition of a new instance effect takes after the end of the billing period in which your first instance was deleted, a new subscription will be created, for which you will be billed in advance.

What types of credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.

What happens if my credit card is declined?

If your credit card issuer declines the transaction, or the credit card is expired or otherwise isn't allowing the transaction to go through, you will receive emails asking you to update your credit card information.

After approximately 30 days if we have not received payment, access to your data will be removed.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, simply delete your instances. This will trigger the cancellation of your billing. If you want to remove the credit card details from your account or have the account removed from our system completely, open a ticket with

What are the Terms of Service?

Here's a link directly to our Terms of Service.

Where can I get billing Support?

Questions about billing can be sent to our billing team.

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