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ObjectRocket is your automated-everything solution for managing MongoDB on the cloud. It’s engineered to automatically shard, scale, back up, and compact any instance of MongoDB, while optimizing it for performance and speed. How awesome is that?

Designed from the ground up to perform with MongoDB

Automatically sharded


Every instance is automatically sharded, making scaling very simple. Use your own shard key, or let ObjectRocket do it for you!



ObjectRocket’s physically separate systems employ a containerized approach to isolate CPU, memory, and I/O resources without robbing performance, while running at bare metal speed.

PCIe Flash Drive

PCIe Flash Drive

Each instance relies on PCIe flash drives, delivering superior performance and improved reliability.

Purpose-built architecture


Each instance automatically provisions the mongos servers, mongod servers, config servers, arbiters, load balancing, API access, SSL termination, and backups.

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